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About BHC Crane®

BHC Crane, LLC has been providing operated and maintained mobile hydraulic crane service for over 50 years. We are located in the heart of Southern California’s harbors and petroleum refining district and compete with some of the crane industry’s largest businesses. Our central location makes travel into Los Angeles, Orange County, Palmdale, Ventura, San Bernardino, the Inland Empire and beyond, quick and efficient.  Our experienced dispatch team has always found ways to accommodate service requests at any distance while remaining competitively priced. You call, we haul!

The primary focus at BHC Crane® is to provide a safe and accurate lift every time. BHC has not had a single work-related accident or illness of either reportable or non-reportable OSHA classification in over seven years. We feel that our impeccable safety record reflects how important these issues are to us.

We are available 24 hours a day to serve you. Call us anytime at the office phone number or any of the direct sales numbers.



Yard: 2190 W. Willow Street
Long Beach, CA 90810

Billing: P.O. Box 9077
San Pedro, CA 90734

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Toll Free: 800.924.6445

Phone: 310.830.6450

Fax: 310.830.6490


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